From John Deere Room to Play Room

Finally the reveal of our John Deere Room turned Playroom!
Unfortunately for my husband this means no green tractor in his immediate future, but I think this room is better used for corralling toys and art supplies. When we moved into our new house the John Deere Room had been turned into a home gym by the previous owners.  Lucky for us they had already added an epoxy coating to the concrete floor and finished the majority of the walls; all we had to do was add a little paint and some storage solutions.

The colors of the room were inspired by Dr. Suess's "Oh The Places You'll Go."

The Before Photos
The After Photos
Cozy nook for playing games, reading books, and tickle wars.
Arts and Crafts Corner, Complete with Chalkboard Wall
Dress Up and Dance...Or Go Shopping
Great Storage Solutions from Target and Land of Nod
When Your Kids Aren't Old Enough to Read, Use Photo Labels
Little Bins Hold Markers, Crayons, and Stickers
Inspirational Dr. Seuss Quotes are Scattered Along the Walls
Book Corner.  Big Books Go In the Book Rack.
Small Board Books Go In Bins
Huge Mirrors...Great for Dancing and Making Silly Faces
(I see a ballet barre in our future)

The Best Thing...The Room's Double Doors Open to the Backyard
We Tack Our Paintings to the Wall in an Art Corner
Making Art. 
Coming Soon...
There's one update to this room I'm desperate to do but it didn't fit into the playroom make-over budget just yet.  Eventually I'd like to replace the storm doors with these great dutch doors. Dreaming...


courtney sue said...

What the hay???? I had no idea I was living just a couple houses away from such greatness!!! I say your next project is to pull Maggie over here in her wagon so you can organize, decorate and de-clutter my life while you cook my family some dinner. Can I at least get your autograph? Wow...