Autumn Is My Spring

As soon as the weather forecast shows highs below 80 I become a giddy girl.  Fall is my spring. It's my new year's.  It's my...well, let's just say I was made for fall.  I know many people say they like fall but I loooove this time of year unlike I love anything else.  

On this glorious third straight day of mid-70s temps and sunny skies my little girl and I bounced out of bed and opened the windows.  We baked Pumpkin Spiced Muffins, put on warm clothes and got busy planting our autumn window boxes (photos shown).  Okay, birds weren't singing and there were a few tantrums along the way but for the most part it was a good celebratory morning of the season. If all goes well (and assuming before-mentioned toddler has a good long nap) we'll go to a local orchard to stock up on any Jonathan apples they've picked and make chili for dinner.  Rugged husband and black dog will be bird hunting this weekend while I shop for fall decor -- win, win.

I'll be filing all my favorite new fall decor ideas, recipes, and entertaining tips on Pinterest so follow my fall boards there and let's get to celebrating this glorious time of year!