My Little Girl's Room

I'm obsessed with googling "Jenny Lind Twin Bed."  I've fallen head over heels for this bed from Land of Nod but with the bed, mattress, trundle, and trundle mattress I'll be spending a small fortune.  I'll probably just suck it up and spend the money because it's as cute as can be and I know Land of Nod has the best quality, but in my googling furry I keep hoping another equally great and cheaper option shows up.

At least I have come to a decision on the walls and the bedding.  We (I say we so I can hold the Mr. to helping) will be paining the walls yellow and white stripped, similar to this but with yellow obviously.

And I've settled on this bedding.  I've admired this comforter for over a year but abandoned it when my daughter's first color became "purple purple purple."  However while searching for yellow and purple textiles I kept coming back to look at his.  Hopefully her next favorite color will be "pink pink pink."