Camp Purple Cake

My five and a half year old niece, Sadie, is staying with us for a week.  We are so excited to have her! Her two big brothers are away at camp while her mommy and daddy are enjoying a much needed beach vacation.  Well, I'm not about to be out done by a camp and a beach...if everyone in Sadie's family is doing super fun stuff this week then I figured Sadie should get to do super fun stuff too.  So, we're making our own "camp" at home.

We've decided to call it Camp Purple Cake.  The name was chosen because craft time one day this week Sadie is going to make her own cake and she's picked strawberry with purple icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Today was day one.  We fed fish in the pond, went swimming and out for pizza and games.  And craft time was painting canvas.

Painting is so easy and fun with little kids.  We used both washable finger paints and washable regular paints.  We spread an old sheet out on the patio, put paints on plastic plates and gave Sadie and Maggie (almost 2 years old) small canvases to paint on.  And when we were done painting the canvases we painted each other.  Since the paints are Crayola washable we just sprayed off with the hose in the yard and then went to the pool.