New Fire Side Chairs from Nell Hills

The best things are worth waiting for -- I've waited two years to purchase our fireside chairs.  We found the chairs a couple years ago at Nell Hills in Kansas City but they didn't fit within our decorating budget at the time and so we waited. I've learned over the years it's better to wait and save to get exactly what you want, rather than purchase something a bit cheaper you don't completely love.  So, after church Sunday, off we went (me, husband, daughter) to our favorite home furnishings store.  The always lovely, Mary Carol, was there and helped choose the fabric for our new chairs, which I am completely in love with.  Now, I must wait just a bit longer ( 6 - 8 weeks) to see what they'll look like in my great room.

Maggie did a bit of shopping of her own.

This is the chair.  Adorable and comfortable!
And perfectly petite to frame my fireplace.
Chair by Lee Industries.

See that gorgeous velvet blue fabric on the ottoman below?
This is the fabric our new chairs will be covered in! Gorgeous!
Photo: Living room in the cottage from the move "The Holiday"
Here are a few other things I found at Nell Hills.

I've already thought of a dozen places I could use this unique piece...
daughter's room, guest bathroom, breakfast nook, veranda.
Now I just have to convince my husband I "need" it.

Beautiful farm table and bench.
The table top is a bit uneven in places and I think that adds to it's charm.

I finally bought the "His and Her's" pillow cases I've been eyeing since last fall.