I Bought the Pies

Costco's Pumpkin Pie

(gasp!) I'm not making homemade pies this Thanksgiving.  I'm buying them.  I know this may seem appalling to you true bakers (I'm amateur at best) and I'm a little disappointed in myself but truthfully it's better for all if I buy, not bake, these pies.  This is when the humble part of humble hostess comes in.  I'm buying pies...I relinquish my efforts to be Betty Crocker and if you too are thinking, "my gosh I just. don't. have. time!" and are looking for someone to say "Go ahead. Buy that pie," I'm here to give you full permission.

I love to bake, but only when I can really enjoy it.  If I'm rushed or it's going to stress me it's not going to be enjoyable. This is a good mantra/metaphor/motto for all things we can often feel pressured about.  Do what you can, but when you can't don't stress.  This is especially a good reminder during the holidays.  If you forget to buy that special gift for your mom, it's okay...she won't notice when you give her a card with a raincheck.  If your Christmas cookies fall flat, it's okay...take a bottle of Cupcake wine to that cookie exchange party instead.

My first priority is being a wife, a mother and a homemaker.  My second is running a business. After those things are covered I try to find time to share my thoughts on those things with all of you.  You won't hear much from me this week since the first priority will be taking up all my time, but next week I promise to have lots of ideas to get you going for Christmas, from great cocktail dresses to holiday hostess gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours...store bought pie and all.


Anonymous said...

Great blog today Nici! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy every minute with your family!