Country Living Christmas Decor

I start getting anxious this time of year.  I'm excited for Thanksgiving Day with family and all the great food, but what has me giddy is the weekend after Thanksgiving.   That's when we pick out our Christmas tree and begin decorating the house.

Quite possibly my favorite unique Christmas display is from House of Smiths.  It's clean, fresh and beautiful with the use of mostly white and just a few blues, greens and silvers.  I will be borrowing from this photo for my own home this year.

If you need more inspiration I've found has a great archive of Christmas Decor ideas. Scroll through this extensive display of ideas or if you want the shorter version, here are some of my favorites.

This would be great on the hearth of a fireplace or at the entrance of a home.
 I might add a ribbon at the top or berries in between the pinecones for a touch of color.
I think the wreath was intended to be the focus here but I actually love the dough bowl.
I have quite a few dough bowls and this gives me an idea to fill them with most and top them with bright red apples.
Look closely and you'll see small pine trees in the tea cups. 
If the place where you wrap gifts can be seen by family and friends that stop by,
display ribbons and other wrapping items in glass containers.  It looks like part of the decor
yet is still functional use for you.
 The white bird houses surrounded with varying shades
of green makes this feel happy and peaceful.
Simply beautiful. The use of silver with a bit of gold makes a white room warm and elegant.
Wrap the gifts that go under your tree in coordinating paper and ribbon so they add to your display, instead of distract.
I have a lot of beautiful glass ornaments but I feel like they get lost in my tree.
This year I'll find ways to display them, like on an antique drying rack like this one,
or a metal tree stand.
This arrangement matches my love for country decor perfectly.
Cheers to a beautiful holiday season.