A Christmas Tree for the Birds

My sister had this great idea of doing a Christmas tree for the birds (and fun for the kids).  This would be a great Thanksgiving weekend activity to do with the family.  Give the kids a set of binoculars as an early Christmas gift and let them bird watch from your windows.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas the kiddos can check the tree to see how many treats are left and restock it.  This provides a great opportunity to talk to kids about giving and doing for others, even the little bitty birds.

Treats for the Birds.

Make your own from the list below or order some pretty bird-friends ornaments like those above from Nature Favors.

  • Bird seed, that's a given.  You can put it in bird feeders of varying sizes you hang on the tree
  • String stale unsalted popcorn with cranberries and raisins for garland
  • Kids can string cheerios and fruit loops for easy garland
  • Tie a string around a pine cone and smear the cone with peanut butter. Drop it in a paper bag full of bird seed and shake the bag around to cover the cone with seed.
  • Tie a string around an apple stem and cut slices out of the apple. Fill the spaces with peanut butter and toss the apple in a paper bag full of bird see
  • Hang stale bagels from your local bagel store and hang from the tree with red yarn
  • String peanuts in the shell and hang them from the tree, in the way icicles would hang.