Fun for Kids Christmas Trees

My post on The Foundary this week will be about finding inspiration for your home's Christmas Tree.  While the centerpiece of your home at the holidays may be a beautifully trimmed tree, another tree in your house could be something more for the little kids.

A Candyland Christmas Tree
Inspired by the classic children's board game, a brightly decorated tree is so sweet for the really young ones.

Choose a smaller tree to decorate in the children's room or playroom.  Ditch the pine and go for something fun, like hot pink or bright white.

The tree can be trimmed with faux candy ornaments like these from Department 56.

Make a few of your own candy inspired ornaments like these with gum drops.

Top the tree with a giant lollipop or a glitzy cone and streamers like this one.

Include real candy on your tree using ice cream cones or paper cones from bright glitter paper.

And you'll end up with a fun Candyland tree for your little sweets.

Like the idea of a candy-themed tree but don't want to decorate an second tree?  Consider doing a small gum drop tree like this one from