New Adventures

Well friends, it's been a little while.  In the spirit of spring and new blooms I felt I owed you a short message to say "hello" and offer an update on what's new in the life of this humble hostess.  If you follow me on Facebook you've probably noticed I'm back in the groove of postings tips and antics from my daily life.  There's been a lot going on and even taking the time to share it was not time I could find.  I'm sorry for that.

My family and I have started a new adventure -- we've moved to the small town of Nixa situated in The Ozarks, in southwest Missouri.  This unexpected adventure started awhile back when my husband suggested we put our house on Craigslist, mostly out of curiosity.  Late one Sunday night I did just that and a few days later it was sold.  Who'da thunk?! So, we packed it up and moved on down to this beautiful part of the country where we are closer to family.  Life is never without it's challenges though and on the day we were moving out of our house we faced a big one.

We were looking forward to expanding our family with this move but on the day we left our home we miscarried.  It's a very difficult thing to loose a baby; unfortunately many of you know this. And it's a very sad thing to leave a home.  Doing both on the same day was overwhelmingly heartbreaking.  The sincere affection and concern from friends and family has given me the ability to see love and grace and hope in an otherwise saddened time and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the kind people in our lives.  God knew that with such a loss we would be best to have a fresh start and it's humbling to me to see now why he may have planned this move for us. He is truly amazing!

It's the smallest gestures that have had the biggest impact -- unexpected flowers from a group of friends, the new neighbors who dropped of the local kids magazine for my daughter, and the text from friends asking for photos of the new house.  It's that little gesture that reminds you someone, some where thought about you that can make the dreariest day bright.

So, now it's on to making our new house our new home.  For me, that starts with a little baking then some decorating and hosting new friends. Photos of the new digs coming, really, I promise. Coming real soon.


Jess said...

Love you! Great post.