My Family: Easter 2011

Easter was great.  It wasn't perfect, but it was great.  We had rain.  And I may have overdone it with the plastic eggs (is 400 too many for four kids?).  And I left three of the main ingredients for my egg casserole at the grocery store.  But it all turned out fine and we had a wonderful time.

That's the thing with learning to roll with it...I really enjoy hosting guests but some times things don't go according to plan and you have to adjust, not get frazzled, and keep a smile.  So, we did the egg hunt early in the morning before the rain got heavy, which turned out great because we hunted in our PJs before getting dressed up for church.  And I improvised a new egg casserole recipe that was at least satisfying, even if it wasn't my family's traditional dish.

By the end of the weekend we'd spent a couple days with my sister and brother-in-law and their kids from Texas, another sister who lives in Arkansas, and my mom (who thanks to our recent move lives 10 minutes away).

Maggie and Me at the Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
Attending neighborhood events is a great way to build community.

Teaching Maggie How to Dye Easter Eggs...and trying not to get stained.

I love being sneaky and filling the baskets.
Remember that feeling as a kid waking up to find surprise presents waiting for you?

Once we decided to hunt first and eat our Easter meal after church, I had to come up with some breakfast for everyone.
Using stuff I already had in the house we had a great breakfast buffet of fruit, muffins, and the hard boiled eggs we dyed the night before.

So happy! This is priceless.

Hunting in the rain.

Playing with the colorful plastic eggs is just as fun as hunting them.

All dressed up for church.  When did Easter bonnets go out of fashion?

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