Cutesy Kitchen Gear: Measuring Cups

I have a slight obsession with cute kitchen gadgets.  I particularly find myself having a hard time resisting the urge to buy every set of measuring cups I run across that is different from your standard all-clad stainless steel variety (which I also  have of course).  Measuring cups make great gifts and they're inexpensive.  Tie a set of measuring cups or spoons to a box of muffin mix and you've got a great hostess gift any gal would love.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite finds with you...well, maybe a bit more than a few.  I told you, it's an obsession!

I absolutely love these and lucky me, I got them for Christmas. Thanks Mom!
White Porcelain from World Market

I cant' decide if I actually like this, or if I just find it intriguing.
Regardless, in the right kitchen it could really add to the decor.
Enchanted Buck Cups from Anthropologie

Vintage Longaberger Pottery Measuring Bowl
Measures up to 3 cups and includes ounce marks
Baahurrah Farm Shop on Etsy

Flowering cups.  Cute enough to use as dipping bowls too.
Available at Pier One Imports and other places,
but "other places" are more expensive
Real cups as measuring cups.  Genius.
Also available at Pier One Imports 

These ceramic blue cups include the cup measurement, the ml measurement
and the fl oz measurements.
They're by Nigella Lawson. I swear everything that woman does is beautiful!
Available at

Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning! Classy! Love! It!
Pewter Measuring Cups with Stand at

Looks like something your grandma may have used.
Vintage Kitchen Copper Measuring Cups
by Cherished Heats on Etsy

If you want to display your measuring cups and have them within reach, like this idea a lot.  Except I'd recommend using small hooks rather than chains so you can just grab and go, and not have to unhook anything.

This print of measurement conversions as awesome! Framed, it would look great in a kitchen AND be super resourceful.  It comes in a variety of colors at Sweet Fine Day on Etsy


CherishedHearts Vintage said...

I was admiring the gorgeous measuring cups on your post when I was amazed to find our measuring cups pictured. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for including these.

Sarah Kersting said...

Great post! Please tell me where I can find the measuring cups in the very first photo (the green, red, cream, and blue cups).