When You Can't Be Home on Halloween

You don't want to stiff the neighborhood kids and be the wicked witch that didn't hand out candy, but you also don't want to miss out on attending that Halloween party or taking your own kids trick-or-treating.  Here are a few cute ways to leave candy for the kiddos on your front porch...albeit risking that troublesome Timmy will steal the whole bucket (it's my experience most kids will take just one or two though).

Make sure to leave your front porch light on and hang a note from the door handle. Try writing something like this.

"Happy Halloween! The ghosts have stepped out. Please treat yourself to two treats, if it's okay with your mummy."

Be Cute
Write "Boo Y'all" on a bucket and tie the ends with ribbon. Then fill it with bags of candy.
From Whitney Caroline Designs

Be Crafty
Using a foam pumpkin leave lollipops for the kiddos.
Craft Directions at Martha Stewart Online

Be Spooky
Decorate milk jugs or water bottles to look like mummies and fill with treats.
Craft Directions at Parents.com