My Best Decorating Tips: Find a Friend and Find a Store

A good friend and neighbor is on her third couch in a year.  She's hired a decorator to help her realize the vision she has for her cozy family room, but even with this decorator's help my girlfriend is still uncertain which direction to go.  Truth is, my friend has good taste and actually does know what she wants, she's just nervous about making the wrong decision.  And who wouldn't be.  Decorating, especially buying investment furniture pieces, can be nerve-wracking.  Last year when my husband and I invested in a new couch and wing-backs for our great room I agonized over fabric choices.  Then I found my saving grace -- it's a store called Nell Hills in Kansas City and Atchison, Kansas.  When I walk into Nell Hills it feels like how I want my house to feel.  The owner and all her decorators have great taste. And the prices are reasonable and fair.  When I'm in a decorating rut I know I can turn to this store for my solution.

Nell Hills Entrance Ready for Fall
The best advice I can give for decorating:  find your own Nell Hills.  Before you start shopping for furniture pieces shop for a store that fits your style.  Talk to the owners and associates to get feel for their design strategy.  And when you find that place become a loyal customer.  Most likely the store will go above and beyond to give you superb customer service.

After hearing my neighbor's trials with her designer (and how much she was about to pay for a couch - gasp!) we took a quick trip to Nell Hills where an associate and I helped my friend find more options.

That's my second piece of advice for decorating.  Find someone who's home looks like how you'd like your home to look, and make sure that person will give you her honest advice and opinions. Then have them help you make your decorating decisions.  It's much more fun to have a partner than to do it yourself anyway, and your friend will most likely be flattered you asked for her help.

Here are a couple of my favorite finds from our recent Nell Hills trip.

CR Laine Camel Back Couch
This will be beautiful covered in a herringbone linen,
and it's half the price of the couch the designer was trying to sell my neighbor.

His and Her Pillowcases
I love bedding done in all neutrals and this adds a fun element.


Tina said...

I'm going to have to check this place out (I live in KC)! You should post a pic of your home - I bet it's impeccably decorated!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I've loved Nell Hill stuff at a distance for years; I never knew there was a store! Unfortunately, this is too far from me. But I believe there is a blog.....

the hostess said...

HI Tina. I'll post some photos of my home soon. I hope you like them! It's still a work in progress but coming along.

Mary, Here's Mary Carol's Blog. She's amazing! And you can shop some of their items online at

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Oh my yes, this is another place I like to visit.