More Fall Decor Inspiration from Main Street, USA

We spent the weekend with my husband's family in rural Missouri. While the boys were duck hunting my sister-in-law and I went on a hunting trip of our She introduced me to the most charming home decor store on Main Street in the small town of Troy, MO. All About Home is traditional furnishings mixed with beautiful seasonal decorations and good ole customer service. It's one of those rare places where the shop owner takes you to her storage rooms to rummage through her glorious stash of great finds. It's got that friendly small town, hometown feel where you could just hangout all day. I love places like this. Shop Keeper, Lori Atkins, is the sweetest! And very current on the latest trends and fabrics in traditional home decor. Tell her what you're looking for and if it's not in the shop she'll try to find it at market or in her next antiquing trip.

Don't you just love finding places like this? I feel so few exist anymore and they are such a treat.

Since it's all about fall right now, here are few inspiring decor ideas I picked up at All About Home.

Tall, long-stemmed vases filled with leaves and miniature pumpkins
How Simple! Gourds atop candle sticks.  
Wrap garland of leaves around a chandelier.
If you have a roof or overhang at your front porch, buy a simple candle chandelier, like this one, and hang above your front entrance.  Use battery powered fake candles instead of real one and decorate with garland.  Very festive!
Gourds stacked inside a metal bird cage.
Miniature pumpkins poured into a lantern.
Add a very tall candle to this and place the pumpkins arounds it for an orange glow.
Trick or Treat sign.  This one came home with me.
I'm going to put it on a black bench on my front porch for Halloween with  a witches hat and pumpkins.



I was in there yesterday and Lori mentioned about the lovely ladies that were there for a visit. I do love that store. Even if you don't find a particular treasure that day, Lori is such a lovely person to visit with while you are there.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

One of my all time favorite places!

We love Lori and Greg! So happy you enjoyed your visit.