It's The Simple Things: Pumpkin Patch

You'll hear me say (or, read I suppose) "It's the simple things" a lot.  What I mean is, it's the simple things that make up the best of everything. I read a recipe recently that must have listed 50 ingredients and required a 15 hour process.  At the end the chef wrote "it's the lemons that really make this recipe."  Lemons? Really? Simple thing.

 I relish in the simple things and try to find joy in them every day.  Today's was simply going to a pumpkin patch. It's fall. Pumpkins are in season. Why not? It's the thing to do.  Such a little thing, like picking out a pumpkin, can bring so much joy!

We had a picnic...

And shopped for some pumpkins...

Beautiful, wonderful day.  I hope you're enjoying all the little, simple things that make up fall.

Oh, and if you live in Missouri or Kansas near Kansas City, please go visit Johnsons Farms.  This place is incredible, and how much fun to have great pumpkin farms nearby.