Presentation Makes the Gift

There are a lot of things I learned from my mother, including and especially how to present a package.  My mother's gifts are works of art.  They look so beautiful that before you even begin to untie the bow you already love the gift.  There's just something about a beautifully presented gift that makes the gift more special.  Heidi Devlin Designs shares my sentiments.  Every item I've purchased from her Etsy shop has come so beautifully wrapped I almost hate to undo it.  My latest purchase, a French Grain Sack Pillow, arrived today.  It's adorable, and the details she puts into presenting her handywork are so sweet.  Heidi includes a personal thank you note, neatly attached to the white tissue paper with a black ribbon.  And the pillow is cutely wrapped with twine and a business card. 

Tip: If you don't enjoy wrapping gifts, or don't have the time, find favorite shops and designers, like my friend Heidi, that do the work for you. 


Christi said...

Cute, cute, cute....too bad you'll have to keep it :)