Apple Bites, Pumpkin Bites and Sweet Acorn Squash

I've already discovered some new favorites for fall and IT'S ONLY MID-SEPTEMBER! I hope the whole season continues with sweet new treats, decorating ideas and 'gourd education.'

Gourds: Decorations and Dinner
These look like pumpkins don't they?  They make great decorations for the autumn season, but they're actually acorn squash found at my local farmer's market. And the longer they sit out as table decor the sweeter they'll become.  When you're ready to cook just halve the squash and remove seeds, fill with butter, brown sugar, and spices of choice.  Roast at 350' for 45 minutes or so.
White/Yellow is Celebration Winter Squash; All White is White Ghost Heirloom; The green is Sweet Dumpling, the sweetest.  
Caramel Apples Bites
How cute are these?  My neighbor brought them over for Ladies Night at my house and everyone oohed and awed.  So simple to make.  Using a mellon scoop, create mini apple balls and soak them in lemon water.  Melt caramels (or make your own) and after putting the stick in the apple balls dip them in caramel.  Serve, or you can also add nuts and candies.

Pumpkin Pie Bites
I love finger foods, especially desserts you can pick up and pop in your mouth.  And pie is by far my favorite dessert. So these little guys are pretty much perfect.  You can find the recipe and instructions on Bakerella.

Fall Decorations for Odd Pieces
I adore this odd, metal tower antique thing-y that was handed down to me but I struggle with what to do with it.  It often gets transitioned from room to room and currently resides on my covered porch, just off the kitchen.  I decided to use it for candles for the fall and my mom suggested I add a few pumpkins.  I really like the result.  It's classy and cozy -- great for a long girl chats on the porch with hot apple cider and blankets.


Anonymous said...

I tried to make those mini caramel apples and I couldn't get the melon baller to scoop out the apple. I even tried to find the softer apples. :( Bummer.