My Newly Organized Gift and Craft Closet

I have this little closet under the stairs in my basement.  It's plain and awkwardly shaped but it's one of my favorite places in the house.  The moment we moved in I declared it my gift and craft closet but for months it's been filled with boxes and random items.  Until now.  I finally had enough with the mess and took a couple hours to organize the closet.  It only took a little time and less than $20.

Whether it be a closet, a drawer in a dresser or a box in the attack having an organized space for tissue paper and craft items will save a lot of time, money and frustration over time.

Storage Items:

  • Over-the-door Shoe Organizer for bows and ribbon
  • Rolling Laundry Cart for wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes
  • Old Wicker Shelves for tissue paper
  • Rolling Plastic Cart for craft supplies
A shoe organizer works great for storing ribbons and bows.  It's an inexpensive solution (less than $5) and uses door space that would otherwise sit empty. 

This old wicker shelf sat on a dresser in my childhood bedroom ages ago and I've never found a good use for it.  I'm so glad I kept it because it's perfect for this closet.  A large roll of craft paper that I use for everything sits on top.  Tissue paper organized by color lines the shelves.

An inexpensive ($12) three-bin laundry cart organizes the rest of the gift wrap.  Wrapping paper is in one bin, gift bags in another, and boxes in a the third. The cart is on wheels so I can easily take it to a large table in the living room when I have lots of wrapping to do, like at Christmas.

A rolling plastic storage unit I've had for years houses all my nic-nac craft supplies from glue to stencils.  The clear drawers let me see what's inside and labels make sure I put everything back where it belongs.