'Pick Your Own' Farms

There's just something great about going to an orchard or farm to pick your own produce.  My husband is satisfied only if he can go into the woods and find the berries growing wild, but I love local quaint farms, like Sunshine Valley Farm in Rogersville, MO, that plant the trees and let patrons pick from them.   This is a great activity when you need some peaceful time to yourself, or to do with a girlfriend, or to get the kids outside and involved in nature.  It's darn near therapeutic.   

My new backyard neighbor invited Maggie and I to go with her and her little boy this morning.  We usually end up having our breakfasts together over our back fences since both our kids play in the yards in the morning, so we knew we'd be up for an early morning trip to the farm. We had a great time and I came away with seven pounds of blueberries for less than $20.  Pies, pancakes, and muffins are in my families' future. 

To find 'Pick Your Own' farms near you go to PickYourOwn.org.  

For instructions on how to freeze berries go here.  The key to freezing berries for use all year is to make sure you store them in freezer bags and all the air is removed from the bag.

Maggie Picking Her First Blueberries

You can eat them right off the vine and they are perfectly sweet.

Exploring the orchards

Taste Testing

This Little Piggy Went to Market
Break Time
The Two Little Pickers Learning to Share their Berries

We finished off the morning with a blueberry muffin...
...and a nap on the ride home.