Job Titles

Just a little thought...

Women wear many hats, sometimes one at a time and sometimes many at a time.  There are moments where I feel like I could be sketched into an old cartoon, carefully balancing a tower of hats, caps, and bonnets topped off with a little bird tweeting "whistle while you work."  I wouldn't give any of them up.  Mommy, wife, sister, daughter, manager, mentor, landscaper, cook, housekeeper, wedding planner, blogger, entrepreneur, hostess (of course), decorator, accountant, mediator, secretary...but we all have times when those titles leave us wondering who we are.

I remember a quote I used to have posted in my office (when I wore the hat of Marketing Director):  "Women can have it all, just not all on the same day."  It was my reminder to love the days when I was driven career woman, and then love the days when I was homemaker, and to be okay that some days I can't be both.

In this time, when I am most busy with managing a new business and settling into a new town, I am taking deep breathes and reminding myself to take one thing at a time. And when I'm not sure which hat I'm wearing on a certain day I remember the title I love most is Mrs. Flinn, wife of Jared and mommy of Maggie, and in a deep breath I realize why I took that quote off my wall...because I do have it all, every day, with a loving family and endless opportunities.  And when you have that, what more could you need?

In the stress of all you do, slow down and enjoy what you're doing right then. And when you're not sure who you are in that moment, then choose the title you love most and do that.  The rest of the work can wait.