If I Had A Pantry

My husband asked me recently what I wanted for my birthday.  Some women may ask for jewelry or a romantic weekend away.  Me? I asked for kitchen storage.  If I had a pantry -- a real, walk-in, custom, organized pantry -- my domestic dreams would be fulfilled.  Well, that and someone to dust my house each week.

Right now all I have is a couple cabinets above a bench in my mud room, which is better known as the dog's room.  I keep wire racks in the basement with staples like Peanut Butter and Oatmeal that I buy in "life time supply" quantities from Costco, but there's not a singular place in my house to store and organize food.

If I could have a real pantry the dog would get the boot and his room would become my new pantry. Surely he'd be more comfortable in the basement.  I'd have floor to ceiling shelves positioned at just the right widths and heights to organize boxes, cans and containers.  I'd have chicken wire baskets for things like potatoes and squash.  And thin slats for displaying all my cookie sheets and muffin pans.  If I had a real panty I'd have no cabinet doors, or maybe glass doors, so everything was in full sight.  If I had a real pantry there'd be a small chalkboard built in where I'd keep lists of items needed. Oh, if only I had a real pantry...

Eh hem, husband?  Are you listening? Love you!

Here's a little inspiration.

I love the wire baskets and glass containers used in this pantry.
from Closets Guru
These pull out shelves and spice racks are so convenient.
from HGTV
The slats for bakeware and vegetable baskets are wonderful.
from All The Right Spaces
I  need, yes need, this soup can rack now that it's winter and I'm making a lot of chili and soup.
from Organize.com

Snap Lids Stacking Food Storage
from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Event the smallest of spaces can be made into great pantries.
from Shelf Genie
from Affordable Custom Cabinets