Child's Birthday Party: Cupcakes in the Garden

Over the weekend we hosted a first birthday party for my daughter, and a bunch of her little friends.  The theme was "Cupcakes in the Garden" but with nearly 100 degree temperatures outside, we brought the garden inside.  Here's how we did it. 

Before you do anything, think about the best time to have a party.  Mostly adults? Anytime will do.  Mostly kids? Try to pick a time you think most will be up from their nap and ready for a snack.

We hung twenty-five tissue pom flowers from the ceiling of the great room.  You can buy kits for poms from Martha Stewart or on Etsy.  But if you want to make them yourself it's very easy.  Click here for a link to directions.  

A wreath made of poms and an 'M' in the center welcomed guests at the front door, while flower pots were filled with colorful pinwheels.  A laundry line hung above the snack table with photos of Maggie from newborn to one year.  

Cupakes, of course! These silicone flower cupcake liners were perfect for a garden party (Hobby Lobby) and I used the famous vanilla cake and icing recipe from Magnolia Bakery.  Since the party was during most kids' snack time we also provided healthy garden-themed snacks.

Sweet Pea Skewers
Sweet Potato Fries
Vegie Sticks
Flower-shaped PB&J

Wee ones need entertainment.  We cleared away the coffee table and rug and put down a picnic blanket and rubber balls.   Small pinwheels and ladybugs that crawl and flip were enough to get the kids on the floor playing.  A pail with bubble wands and bunny snacks was set out for party favors, each with a little thank you note from Maggie.

It was a lot of fun putting together Maggie's first birthday party and really exciting to see all her friends playing and having cupcakes in our indoor hanging flower garden.  


Natalie Buckwalter said...

So cute! You outdid yourself again!

Sharla said...

beautiful ideas! love all the colours!

Suzie Reynolds-Crick said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, via a pin. What a cute party, my daughter will be 1 in a few months and I'll be stealing a few of your ideas. Also, my daughter's name is also MAGGIE! What a great name, eh?