Keeping It Simple: Chocolate Drizzled Blueberries

I wish I could say I planned all along to make this sweet, understated dessert for my moms group gathering tonight, but the truth is I had completely forgotten I was to bring a dessert until the last minute.  I was already scrambling to concoct an edible dinner from my sparse pantry when I remembered I needed to make a treat and be out the door in less than two hours.  There are a couple things I always have in my house -- fruit and chocolate.  Here's how to make this sweet treat in a hurry.

Melt chocolate.
Drizzle over fruit.
Cool quickly in freezer.
Touch up make-up.  Kiss daughter good night. Kiss husband good bye.  Apologize for the chocolate mess in the kitchen.
Place berries in cute containers.
Voila! On my way to the party.

Well, it didn't go quite that smoothly.  At first I tried dipping the berries in chocolate.  The taste was great. The presentation was horrendous.  I plan to eat these unsightful globs of chocolate berries tomorrow...for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Round two.  Drizzling the chocolate is much prettier and easier.  Using a teaspoon simply fling the melted chocolate quickly over a tray of berries lined on parchment paper.  After they've cooled completely in a fridge or freezer separate the berries into cute individual containers like cupcake liners or these great itsy bitsy loaf pans from Bake It Pretty.

Tips for quickly melting chocolate:  There are times when melting chocolate in a double boiler over a hot stove is best. But for this, use your microwave.  I prefer using a microwave-safe plastic container (glass creates more heat).  Melt the chocolate for 30 seconds. Stir. Then 30 more seconds. Stir. Repeat in 10 second intervals until all the chocolate is melted.

Tips for eating:  Put a small toothpick in each container.  This way guests can keep their fingers clean as the chocolate begins to melt.

Oh, and our moms group was great.  We swapped books and drank sangria out of mason chairs. What could be better?!