Gift: Cozy Up With Your Newborn Boy

I am so excited y'all.  I just found out I get to see an old, dear friend this weekend.  We live many hours from each other so this is a rare treat.  My friend, Emily, is expecting a baby boy soon and this will give us a chance to celebrate.  Luckily there are some adorable boutiques near me and I was able to run out and pick up a few things for the little guy.  Since he'll be here just in time for fall and football, I got him some warm, soft things to cozy up at home with mom and dad.

I can't say it enough -- I whole heartedly believe that the presentation is just as important as the contents of a gift.  It does take a bit more time and consideration, but if you can find the time it's worth it.  My trick for always having boxes on hand is to order shipping boxes for the United States Postal Service.  They're free, and they're delivered right to your door. Keep a variety on hand so you're never without a gift box, or a shipping box, when you need it.

My little gift to Emily's little boy includes:
Wrap gifts so that when the recipient opens it, the items are displayed nicely and easy to see.  And find a cute way to top off the gift.  For this one, I tied the candle to the ribbon.